The world, technology and the Web are changing very fast, and adults in general are struggling to keep up.

--Douglas Levin
Cable in the Classroom


For many of us, computers are exciting, but puzzling. Many parent say, "Our children know far more about computers than we do!" How do we bridge the gap between what our children know and what we know to be able to assist them with their school work and help them get ready for the information age of the next century? After all, being able to use technology is rapidly becoming a requirement for being an informed citizen and a productive worker. To begin the process of helping parents be confident and competent users of technology, District 142 has designed parent computer classes that will provide an overview of what the students learn during their time in elementary school. We believe that additional knowledge about using computers will help parents be more engaged in their child's educational experience. No matter how tech savy our children are, they need our involvement, our experience, and our good judgment.


  1. Learn basic computer hardware computer terminology and vocabulary
  2. Learn how to set up an email account, organize email, and send an attachment
  3. Learn how to create professional looking documents using Word,
  4. Learn how to use Excel to create a simple budget or address book
  5. Learn how to create a picture slide show using PowerPoint
  6. Explore internet searches and efficient and effective ways to do internet searches
  7. Explore free internet tools for organization, information gathering, and picture sharing
  8. Learn about widely used social game and networking sites
  9. Discuss pros and cons of social networking and learn the truth about online predators
  10. Utilize free resources for parents to stay informed about what children do on-line to communicate with their peers and discuss cyberbullying and ways to teach children to be ethical users of the Internet

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


Word Processing - Microsoft Word

Spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel