This page includes a huge list of sites. The comments are the reviews from 6th grade math students who looked at the sites and evaluated them. The comments are direct quotes from the students. Many times students disagreed with their opinions on the games and activities. Try them for yourself and see what you think!

All Kinds of Math

1. Multimedia Math Glossary: Grades K-6
2. MathCasts - screencasts (screen movies of writing with voice) that focus on mathematics (tutorial, not interactive).
"This is a site that you listen to."
"This a weird site I didn't know what to do and its pretty boring also a guy I was listening to sounded like a pilot talking on a plane through a speaker."
"You don't really get to do anything."
3. Interactive Math Tutorials and Simulations
4. Thinking Blocks
5. Houghton Mifflin Math - From our text book series
6. Computer Lab Favorites from Scholastic
7. PBS Grades 1-2 Math Games
8. Think Math!
9. Math Playground - Instructional
Math Playground Games
10. Create a Graph - "I think this a is a good site. It loads fast you don't have to wait ."
"On the left it tells you what the term means that will help students with vocabulary."
"This site is pretty cool. I would rate this site maybe suitable for a 6th or a 7th grader.
"This site lets you make a graph between a bar graph, line graph, and a pie graph."
"This site was awesome."
"I liked this site because, you can make different kinds of graphs and you can choose your own colors. I made a 3D bar graph. I made it out of dance favorites."
"I loved this site."
11. MathMovesU - program for Middle School Math - "You make your own character and then you got to move around. When you see icons on the screen, click on it and you have to start answering math questions. A game for kids 10 and up. A really good game that has many ways to study or just practice. 11. mathmovesU. fun, you get to pick your own person, you get to play different game, no ads, you also get to pick the place you want to go to. It's a very good website. You can make your person and everything! Good for any grade."
12. MathIsFun - tutorials and interactive activities for all topics in Elementary School Math, "Four on a line is a game for younger kids. Takes to long to load. Also the games are for younger kids. The games are to easy to win."
13. tvoKids Gamepicker- lots of games but look for the menu on the left side for math games, "Sometimes takes too long to load for most games! The Creepy Candy game is really fun and doesn't take that long to load. I am playing the game called Jackies school of dance it takes the game a long time to load that is really not a good sign. The game is not even about math we do not want this game on our list. On the game all they are doing is dancing that is it and that is all. Takes really long to load for certain games! The game firewall is very fun but it is also a weird game to play. This site is very fun. The game I played, Creepy Candy, is fun, but it's kind of slow. Thumbleweed it was easy and fun but I think it is for about 2nd graders. Dino dig it is interesting but the person who gives you directions is annoying. Right away it looks really fun. I haven't seen one ad yet. Also right away they have a recycling game which puts a great first impression. I am going to check it out. Okay, apparently 'Transform it' is a load of crafts you can make. Things like old jeans to a book bag and such. I still haven't seen an ad and it loads really quickly.Now at first the games seem really easy so they are probably for little kids. But some games are pretty fun and pretty hard. The web site's loading dock was quite slow. But the game "The Big Escape" is very challenging... but doesn't have much to do with math. Fun and appropriate for all ages.=)"
14. Interactive Math - all subjects "Its cool. It was okay, there wasn't that many good math games. I found it kind of confusing to find math activities. Awesome !!! fun and learning games. I love it!! These games are for smaller kids like in 1-4th. This game is fun but is for younger kids. This had a lot of math games but they weren't very interesting. They could of had made them more of our age and not so boring. They had they had an advertisement at the top. The website was ok.This site is for grades 6-8 this site s very very long and there is no distractions if you look at the site your head will explode because this site you can use for lessons. This site is slow. Two man games math games #'s 1-1039. La suma te ayuda para que aprendas como sumar o muchas cosas mas. THIS GAME LOADS FAST AND IT WAS A GREAT WAY TO LEARN!"
15. Illuminations - 99 interactive activities (not games) in all topics of Math, would be used as a tutorial for many different topics "I was playing the game called illuminations the game was really bad they were not talking about anything. The game is so boring. All they are doing is showing me pictures of fractions and i don't think think it is going to help anybody. Primary krypto this site is good because you pick what grade your in. This game was hard. This is a game that where you burn down trees and but before you pick a fraction that will burn the trees down. The other game I played was the spinning game. in that game you get to pick a color and if it lands on that then you get to see if you got it right. This is not a very good site at all. It doesn't have fun games and is very boring. I think Illuminations is a very boring website. I played a game with fractions and it was bad. I didn't like it at all. Not really impressed. It kinda looks like something out of a boring textbook. No ads though, so thats a plus. The game Fire is pointless and can get very boring but fun at first. Next is the game Adjustable Spinner its annoying and doesn't do anything! This is a really kool site you get to burn down trees and start forest fires. This website is so fun I kept burning down trees."
16. Academic Skill Builders - for Math and other topics, "Very Fast! Fun for all ages! You can play with a partner from a different computer!! LOVED IT! This game will get your mind going and it teaches you addition, multiply, divide,and fractions. Kids will enjoy this game and you can play with other kids that aren't right next to you. It's a fun game with no advertisements. You can play online and test your skills with people all across the world. This game i think is for ages 6-14. Loads very fast and is very fun to play. To me, it is an awesome game, because you can race with others, you can test your skill, also it make you think fast, or else you got creamed, I think is the best. Very fun and it even has multiplayer games. You can race friends, tug-o-war with friends, and even talk to them. This site is fun and educational and very fast. I liked this game because you can play with you friends. you can host games, but there is not a lot of math. It loads fast. Jet Ski Addition. This game is fun and easy to find you practice easy addition. Adding and subtracting game loads fast and you get to play against your peers that are on with you at the exact moment.The game helps you remember your basic math facts. It was a fun website. I liked competing against peeps. 28. It is very awesome."

Skills Practice

17. Brainormous "I went on this website and found very cool math games and did not have trouble with it. There was no ads. This game load fast. you learn a lot. Its pretty fun and kind of easy."
18. Academic Skill Builders - "Arcade mic skill builders was a somewhat fun game the jet skee game was fun but I grew tired of it after a while. Academic skill builders is very exciting. It's got really fun games! I think Academic skill builders is a really fun site. The games are great and you can compete against other people. It is a fun site. but i kept loosing. I need to practice my multiplication facts. This web site can help me. I think it is a good site. Nora helped me and I got 2nd place. I'm so proud of me. You can go against people and I went against Nora and I lost. Very fun. and addicting. THIS GAME IS FUN AND COMPETIVE ."
19. Internet4classrooms - Elementary
Timed Math Fact Quizzes "This site is great for teachers, but I don't think students would like it. It's too easy, loads fast, ads distracting. Basic facts math quizzes, lots of ads, loaded fast, fun to play"
21. AAA Math Spanish Version "Esto me ayudo bastante porque es bueno paraque estudies. porque tiene suma resta i toda esas cosas."
22. Interactive Resources for Math
23. Aplus Math - "it is very fun I recommend it for kids "
24. Cool Math -Math games, puzzles, and much more "I played a game called parking mania and it had nothing to do with math at all and it is not good. One thing I did like was that is loaded fast. Its cool too Prealgebra lesson this site is very boring and pointless. MATH GAMES POOL GEOMETRY VERY FUN! No ads and loads at average pace. This games awesome but i dont think its a game alot of kids would like This site is amusing for students. It's fun and hard to stop playing.
24.Cool website is boring, and it is not interactive. You just watch the computer do the work for you... It isn't a challenge.
24.I thought it was extremely fun!
24.looks childish from when you look at it not a lot of distractions kind of fun
24.this site is awesome
24-I really enjoyed cool math. I thought that the games were really enjoyable and fun. They really had a variety of games on the website. The games were all fun and not boring.
25. CoolMath Lemonade Stand
26. (lots of ads)
27. Math TV – Word Problems
28. Math Attack
29. Funbrain - Many games
30. Math Magician Games - basic facts
31. Cyberchallenge - basic facts
32. Visual Fractions
33. Angles and Using a Protractor
34. That Quiz
35. Basic Math Fact Quizzes - Basic facts and math quizzes. Printable math worksheets
36. Kid's Place Math Practice
37. Fun Math Lessons
38. tutpup - play complete, and learn, sign up is necessary to track your scores (check out the link for parents to get information)
39. Academic Skill Builders - for Math and other topics
40. Student Interactives- Grades 3-6
41. Student Interactives - Grades 7-12
42. Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites - Math Games
43. BBC Skillwise

Multiplication Practice

44. Practice your Multiplication Tables
45. Multiplication Strategy Video
46. Math Baseball
Math Mayhem
Number Monster
That’s a Fact
49. Multiplication Mystery – Drag the tile into the table
50. Sum Sense – Drag the numbers in the correct position to create a correct math sentence
51. Math Magician Games - basic facts
52. Cyberchallenge - basic facts
53. Moles for Multiplication

Fraction Practice

54. Fractions
Virtual Manipulatives Scroll down and click on the fraction activities
· comparing
· equivalent
· visualizing
55. CoolMath Fraction Lessons with interactive practice
Fraction Lesson
57. Take the Fraction Quiz
Who wants Pizza? Fraction practice
59. Mission Magnetite - game to practice fractions and percentages
60. Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Factor


61. Virtural Manipulatives - try the spinner


62. Algebra Problem Solver
63. Algebra Help
64. Online Algebra Book
65. PurpleMath - written by a teacher, great site
66. Equation Sheet - Equations for all Science and Math topics
67. WebMath - Solve your problem with explanations
68. Waldomaths - algebra activities
69. Waldomaths videos - for tutorials and instruction
70. Interactive Math - all subjects
71. MathWay - solving problems in all subject areas with explanations
72. MathTrain TV - videos on solving problems

Worksheet Generators - Customizable

These online worksheet creators are great for differentiated instruction. If students know their math facts up to a certain factor, these programs allow the user to set the minimum and maximum value of the factors.
73. Worksheet Creator
74. SuperKids Math Worksheets
75. MathCafe Math Worksheets
76. MathScore Math Worksheets
77. SoftSchools Math Worksheets