Interactive ISAT Multiple-Choice Sample Questions NEW

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Websites to Practice for ISAT Tests from Jerome School District in Idaho - Reading and Language Usage, Math, ISAT Sample Questions in Reading, Language, and Math (pdf files),

Interactive Sample Tests (Don't be fooled by the source -- Idaho?!?)
Did you know that other states, including Washington and Idaho, use tests that are extremely similar to the Illinois test? Although these questions are from a Boise site, they are the categories of assessment from our own state's assessment.
Yes, the RIT scores are the same as our MAP test RIT scores.

EZ School Free Practice Test Only Sixth Grade is available

Online Practice Reading Tests from Pearson/Longman Publishing
These reading passages and related questions are free. As the "Submit Answers" button is missing, teachers must create their own answer key. Students could print these out and check answers against the key, or teachers could use an LCD projector to have the whole class complete these together.

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
Based on many of the same skill assessments as our own ISAT. Be sure to check out the red ball buttons at the bottom of the page, which are all links to resources for Reading Lessons in the indicated areas.

Jefferson Lab - Practice Tests linked to the Virginia State Standards
Put a checkmark in the boxes to choose the number of questions and then choose reading or math. This is fairly straightforward practice and provides immediate feedback for students who need it.

Not an Online Test, but a Nice Collection of Sites that Allow for Practice of Skills in Specific Goal Areas...
Internet4Classrooms: Grade Level Skills Help