Fifth Grade Teachers:

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Lexile Framework

Lexile Framework
Read for the Record
Find a book
Book search tab

Computer Class

OSLIS - Oregon School Library Information System
Why am I Writing This? Practice #1
Into the Book
Ben's Guide to Government
Read, Write, Think
Print This Page
Print This Page
Fact Fragment Frenzy

KidsClick Web Search

Disney Surf Swell Island

Dance Mat Typing
Super Hyper Spider Typer
Free Typing Game
Eye on Idioms
Spelling City



Fraction Frenzy
Equivalent Fraction Puzzle
Fresh Baked Fractions
Soccer Shootout
Mr. King's Fraction Practice Links
Matching Fractions to Decimals Game
Matching Decimals to Fractions Game
CoolMath Fraction Lessons with interactive practice
Take the Fraction Quiz
Who wants Pizza? Fraction practice
Mission Magnetite - game to practice fractions and percentages from PBS for KIds
Arcademic Skill Builders for Math and other topics
Practice your Multiplication Tables

Social Studies


Great Explorers
Fact Monster
Enchanted Learning
Explorer Timeline
Explorer Project

Revolutionary War

Road to Revolution
Fort Ticonderoga
American Revolution Index
Revolutionary War Voices
Lots of American Revolution Links
PBS Liberty Site
Valley Forge
History Central's Revolutionary War Site
Kid Info - American Revolution
The Battle of Yorktown
The Battle of Trenton
The Battle of Lexington
The Battle of Concord
The Battle of Saratoga
The Sugar Act
Social Studies for Kids - Revolutionary War

This History Place - American Revolution, six part Chronological Timeline
Digital History - Resource Guide for the Revolution
Extensive List of American Revolution Primary Source Documents as compiled by Dr. Richard Gardiner
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - Primary Source Documents are here too
Documents from the Continental Congress - The Library of Congress
Spy Letters of the American Revolution

The Declaration of Independence

Congress for Kids
The Declaration of Independence


Respiratory System

The Respiratory System
Think Quest
Kid's - "My Body"
IPL Science Fair Resource Guide
Keys to a successful Science Fair Project

Force and Motion

Principle of Flight
Lift Off
Dynamics of Flight
Forces of Flight
What Makes an Airplane Fly?
Lesson Plan - How the force of air makes an airplane fly

Drinking Water

EPA Kids Site
EPA Student Center - click on water
What's Wrong With This Picture?
US Geological Survey Water Science Activity Center
Special Water Topics
Ground Water Primer
Clean Water Action - explains the Clean Water Act in easy to read text
The Groundwater Foundation - Kids Corner