Foster 4th grade Teachers

Mrs. Jacoby
Mrs. Counihan
Miss Davis
Mrs. Horbaczewski

Kerkstra 4th grade Teachers

*.....Mrs. Koranda..... *

*.....Mrs. Hood..... *
*Mrs. Harrison*

Computer Class

Letter Generator
Ben's Guide to Government
Read, Write, Think
Into the Book
Enchanted Learning
Party Printer
Quick Facts About Your State
US States
Fun State Facts
State Regions
Illinois Population
Art Pad


Measure It
The Ruler Game

Pumpkin Facts & Pumpkin Quiz Webquest

KidsClick Web Search
Ask Kids
Disney Surf Swell Island
Spelling City

Dance Mat Typing

Funschool Super Hyper Spider Typer
Free Typing Game

Math playground
Recycle City
My Pyramid Plan
PBS Kids
Metero Multiplication


All the Parts

Create your own graph
Use Graphs to Answer Questions


Midnight on the Moon
Because of Winn-Dixie Stump the Dump Maze Game
Into the Book
Poetry Livebinder

Science Units

Matter/ Changing States

Coral Reefs

National Geographic Great Barrier Reef
Coral Reef Animals

Animal Research Sites

Kids Planet
Fact Monster
Animal Facts
National Geographic Animals
Coral Reef

Food Chain

Kid's Corner
Food Chains and Webs
Science Bob
Fun with Food Chains

Force and Motion

Force and Motion Activities and Quizzes - Click on Revision to review the concept and the quiz to test your knowlege
Force and Motion Interactive Activities - Flash cards, concentration, matching



Food Pyramid

My Pyramid Blast off game

Electric Circuits

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
Conductors and Circuits
Changing Circuits
Circuit Builder


Magnets and springs
Magnetic fields

Simple Machines

Edheads - Simple Machines Activities
Simple Machines

Solar System

An Introduction
Arty Astro
Enchanted Learning
NASA for Kids
NASA Kids Games
Star Child
Windows to the Universe
Astronomy For Kids
Planet Research Livebinder
Access Code: 142
Planet Review Livebinder
Access Code: 142

Social Studies

Christmas Around the World
Christmas Traditions Around the World at Santa's Net.
Christmas traditions Around The World
Christmas traditions
Festivals Around the World Booklet & Livebinder
Access Code: 142
African American Research Livebinder
Access Code: 142
Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad Hall of Fame
Famous American Women
Women in History
Build A Bill
President for the Day
50 States Livebinder
Access Code: 142